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Kass Holding Ltd

comprehensive interior furnishing

Kass Holding Ltd

comprehensive interior furnishing

Kass Holding Ltd

Hotel Furniture Harmony

Kass Holding Ltd. is a company founded in 1994. We produce furniture for hotels, offices, laboratories, kitchens, upholstered furniture, etc

Our factory is able to produce any type of furniture presented in our catalogue as well as special customers’ orders.

We use MDF laminated boards, melamine boards, solid wood, HPL laminates, etc for furnishing production.

Our hotel furnishing enjoys recognition in Poland as well as in other countries.\

Thanks to experience and qualified staff we can assure the highest quality of our furnishing which can satisfy the most demanding customers.

The factory is located in Rokocin near Starogard Gdański which is next to the 22 route in Gorzów Wielkopolski direction.

The location of the factory enables quick and problem-free delivery within Poland and other EU countries.

Furniture for offices, hotels, laboratories, etc. are made of highest quality materials which meet The EU regulations.

There is a possibility to produce furniture for laboratories of “V100” waterproof, doublesided laminated board with the use of specialistic glue or PVC board which provides us with 100% guarantee of liquids notabsorbency as well as resistance to chemicals.

We are able to adjust standard of furniture and materials we use according to our customer’s requirements and wishes.

Thanks to our many years’ experience on the furniture market we cooperate with numerous producers of furniture fittings and materials from Poland and other countries

For over a dozen years we work according to ISO 9001 standard. Our production is documented from designing to sending stage.

The process of furniture production undergoes strict quality inspection. It leads to the high quality of the final product.

For many years we have gained experience in production as well as customers’ trust. Thanks to it, nowadays we are able to compete with quality, precision and prices which are satisfying for customers.


Kass Holding Ltd.
83-200 Starogard Gdański
Rokocin 25B
NIP: 592-001-35-87
Regon: 008301400

Tel.: 0048 58 56 11 484

Marketing Department :

Mateusz Kass
Marketing Specialist 
Tel.: 0048 792 022 697


Sławomir Kass
Tel.: 00 48 663 193 190